The Audio of August 23, 1966

May 28, 2011

This post is part of a series describing the August 23, 1966 project.

We had two recording sessions for the August project: field recordings for providing ambient sound in the airlock chamber and voice-over recordings for the headset narration and voice commands.

Airlock Ambiance

These recordings were made in and around the University of Michigan campus and in my apartment building, using an M-Audio Nova microphone. I sought out the sounds of wind passing through narrow walkways, the hum of machinery, and other background sounds. Most of the recordings were slowed down quite dramatically.

Mission Control Instructions

Visitors to the gallery installation wear a radio headset, and during their trip to space, a voice gives instructions on how and when to move about the exhibition.

These were recorded in my Ann Arbor apartment with an M-Audio Nova microphone, and that’s me speaking.

Headset Narration

As the visitor’s star forms on the Wiremap in front of them, Brian Nord’s voice chimes in with occasional narration.

These were recorded in the DL-1 lab at the University of Michigan with an M-Audio Nova microphone.


Finally, we recorded a few other phrases to throw in to the exhition to give it some spice. Some are pretty silly.

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